I specialize in psychotherapy and psychological testing for adolescents and adults. I welcome the opportunity to partner with you and your loved ones to find and implement solutions to difficulties presented by:

Adjustment Difficulties
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Behavior Problems
Bipolar Disorders
Chronic Pain
Panic Attacks
Parenting Challenges
Premature Birth of a Child
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Medical Rehabilitation
Relationship Issues
Stress and Coping
Substance Abuse
And more…


I offer individual therapy to address a variety of concerns. Individual sessions usually last 45-50 minutes. One of my specialties is in-depth psychotherapy, which often provides relatively quick relief for specific symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and panic attacks but also helps you to understand and resolve the underlying factors or circumstances that brought about the difficulties as well as discerning how they are affecting your life currently. This is helpful with current difficulties but can also prevent future problems of that sort as well as providing a deeper self-understanding about your emotions, how you think, relate to others, and behave in relationships.

I also offer short-term psychotherapy to address specific symptoms, such as panic attacks, mild anxiety, and mild or situational depression. Keep in mind that longer-term therapy is often helpful if your difficulties have been present for a long time, are particularly troublesome, or if the nature or reason for any problems is difficult to determine.

In today’s world, there is a constant push for things to be done faster and faster. While this is certainly understandable, particularly when concerning difficulties with mental/emotional issues, I think that it’s most beneficial, while providing as much immediate relief as possible, to also work to understand and resolve underlying factors or circumstances that brought about the difficulties in the first place.


Psychological tests can be used to answer a variety of questions about emotions, behavior, style of coping, personality, memory, and intellectual or academic strengths and challenges. It is also useful in clarifying diagnosis, ruling-out potential causes of concern, and providing treatment recommendations. I conduct psychological and educational evaluations using a collaborative technique.

Collaborative psychological testing involves working with clients and/or their family to answer specific questions that they and/or the referring professional have. The questions become the basis of the exploration, and specific tests are chosen as a result. After the testing is complete, an interactive feedback session will be scheduled to share how the results can help answer the original questions. This session is collaborative in nature, and the goal is to help clients (and their family) begin or continue towards solutions to their concerns.

Traditional assessment, on the other hand, involves addressing concerns or questions of others (e.g., a doctor, therapist, parent, or teacher) through the administration of a number of different kinds of tests. This approach is useful to provide a comprehensive picture of the treatment concern and can provide quick answers.

Medical Psychology Evaluations – I also provide psychological testing for chronic pain patients, pre-spinal cord stimulator trial, pre-spinal surgery, and pre-bariatric surgery.

During the initial meeting, I work with each client to determine which assessment approach will meet your specific needs. The length and cost of evaluation depend on the complexity of the questions to be addressed.